Tuesday, January 27, 2009

[VISISTOR RESPONSE] (Answer after you read the blog) Do you think that the Nigerian Delta people should at least get safer drilling techniques?

Is there any other effects from this oil drilling?

Yes, there is. Oil drilling releases fumes and gases that are harmful the people and animals. Some Nigerian people have died because of these fumes and explosions. In 2 years (1999-2000), 1000 people died because of oil explosions. Understandably, the people of the Nigerian Delta want safer drilling techniques.

Does the oil affect farming?

Yes, it does, because their drilling techniques make the once fertile soil into a gush that never can be used for another thousand years. in an acticle written in 1993, 1000 acres of forest has simply died away because of oil drilling.

What's the problem?

The oil companies are using unsafe drilling techniques that can (and does) spill all over the place. The super bad part about that is the oil is polluting the water and so the fish, water, and foods are becoming vunsafe, limiting the village availibility.